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Jewellery Fashion Trends for 2018

Let statement earrings enhance your faceline

Pair a diamond or pearl earring with a classic black dress to leave a lasting impression. Choose bold colours like green or aquamarine to with light outfits like peach, light pink or even yellow. Contrast is in. Whether someone notices your hands or not, earrings are always going to get noticed. So make it count!

Make it different with a rose gold ring

Classic gold trends may come and go, but rose gold jewellery is timeless. Fashionistas the world over are flaunting these feminine yet elegant rings. A complement to most skin tones, rose gold makes an easy and beautiful gift. Whether she’s a glamour girl or she prefers an understated look, there’s a rose gold style for every woman.

A classic neckpiece says a lot

Celebrities, socialites and fashionistas swear by the effect that a statement neckpiece has in enhancing one’s outfit and personality. The chunky ones need to be not just worn, but carried with panache. The simpler, more elegant ones are perfect for evening parties and award nights, etc. They are also your go-to for a special date when you want to call out for attention but not in an obvious way, rather in an understated, subtle manner.

Keept it cool with a celebration bracelet

Watches are nice and all, but ever tried going to a do wearing a bracelet or wristband? The effect it has is simply mesmerizing. The elegance of hand gestures as you make your point adds a unique confidence that a watch just can’t get you. Choose one with a little bit of shimmer to go with a simple outfit or go for a simple band if your outfit is relatively bright. The celebration bracelet is becoming a hot fashion trend, try it for a special evening or a gift to a loved one.

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