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muchtoluv showroom about

Bright lights, glossed lips, sparkling jewellery, and a flowing gown.
Your reflection looks on to you and says,
"There is MuchToluv."

At MuchToLuv we embrace the art of femininity through serious craftsmanship, and an eclectic touch. Launched in 2016, our unique designs offer a perfect solution for every occasion – be it your wedding day or your fiftieth anniversary.

Perfect yet effortless, meticulous yet eclectic, and classic yet contemporary. These are a few of your experiences for a night out. Similarly, we enshrine the same principles in our design process at MuchToLuv. Founded by the vivacious Priya Kothari, in 2016, our jewellery is relentlessly crafted to embellish what is already present – your ineffable beauty.

The bold yet elegant style of our designs draws inspiration from variegated experiences commencing with Priya’s childhood in Africa, and garnering refinement from her myriad travels and keen eye for art, beauty, and engineering.

MuchToLuv's timeless jewellery designs evoke the core essences of femininity through grace, thought & drive. From delicate pendant earrings to bejeweled necklaces, each piece has a unique story which is crafted into a head-turning statement design. ​Priya Kothari believes that, “our idea is to spark the imagination and leave the story open to be imbued by the bearer; allowing her to immerse herself into MuchToLuv’s world.” This captures what the beauty and power of a perfectly crafted ornament can create, as the brand passionately believes that its collections can truly ignite something novel in every woman who adorns it. Whether it's the story that begins when you meet the love of your life or when you are about to conquer the boardroom. MuchToLuv wants to celebrate every journey that a woman pursues.


Priya Kothari

Founder, and Chief Designer, Priya Kothari is the prima donna of MuchToLuv. Gifted with vivacity that only a few share, she derives her inspiration from her extensive globe-trotting travels and extended hours in corporate boardrooms. Her effortless ability to amalgamate her experiences and transpose it into an exquisitely crafted piece sets MuchToLuv apart.


Design Studio

Nestled in the corner of Prabhadevi, Mumbai, away from the hoi-polloi of everyday life, our design studio offers a relaxing environment where creativity can thrive. Waltz in, relax, giggle, and sip on teas from around the world while our design team ushers you through our unique pieces.

Here you’ll have the opportunity to meet our creative director, Priya Kothari, and truly customize a piece that adorns your beauty.